Through Stable Yoga we cultivate a base of stability by building physical strength through proper alignment and body awareness; inner strength through mindfulness and an enlightened spirit. Stable Flow is a heated Vinyasa practice rooted in breath. It is an energetic and transformative experience integrating strength, flexibility and balance in your body, mind and spirit. The asanas flow in a spontaneous and creative manner, and push student comfort zones in a safe and supported environment. It is the perfect blend of sweat and serenity and gives you with the freedom to move through life with ease.


When practicing with Amy, you are likely to find passion, challenge, fun—and lots of it. Amy’s energetic personality coupled with her down-to-earth, mid-western sense of humor and stable values makes her a triple threat of power, ease and warmth. With over 30 years of experience teaching group fitness and 20 of those years practicing, studying and teaching yoga & wellness, Amy is a gifted reader of the body.

She can be found working one-on-one with individuals facing a variety of issues from stress and illness to muscular-skeletal injuries and developmental disabilities, or rocking a FM Friday class for fifty yogis in the studio. She is Co-founder and Director of Education for Renew Yoga’s Registered Yoga School. She continues to feed her fascination with the body as she works toward a Yoga Medicine 1000HR credential with Tiffany Cruikshank. Amy plans to expand her practice into collaborating with doctors and health care practitioners in support of illness and injury.

When not teaching yoga, Amy can be spotted busting out a crow pose on a training run with her ultra-running husband, on a hike with her daughters, or sharing her favorite new green smoothie and veggie soup recipes with students and friends. Stable Table, the theme of many of Amy’s many retreats is the perfect enterprise for Amy’s knowledge, sense of adventure and holistic culinary skills. In addition to her dynamic, thoughtful and creative teaching; nourishing food and inspired introspection are always a focus and a highlight at her retreats.

Amy is a Yoga Therapeutic Specialist with Yoga Medicine -500hr, is a registered E-RYT 500, CRYT & YACEP with Yoga Alliance

“To move through the mind and deep into the soul, you must first go through the body. During this process, you unlock and discover your inner strength which becomes the touchstone of stability in your practice and in your life.” –AMY WOLFF

We love to hear how your practice grows, flourishes and changes you as a person. If you’re willing to give us some feedback, we can create an ideal practice for you. Or if you have been on a retreat with Amy, tell us about your experience.

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“Amy is an amazing human being who brings light and laughter into everything she does. She has an extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, which shines through in her teaching and assists. Amy selflessly trains other yogis through the teacher training program, providing the tools for others to be successful on their own yoga journeyand she is is a wonderful ambassador to the yoga community!”

Completed 200HR Teacher Training. 
John works as a Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo in San Francisco by day and teachers at Bend Yoga on the weekends.

“Amy has something I have not been able to put my finger on…but when I take her classes my mind leaves my body for a while…her variations are always different, original, challenging …and she moves my emotional state so that I often end up tearing up. Her messages seem to have been written just for me…I don’t know though I am sure others feel the same. I am grateful our paths met and can not imagine not listening and experiencing her magic.”

Practitioner at Renew Yoga for 3+ years

“Amy is the teacher that awakened in me a desire to learn more, play more, practice more. The teacher I am today is truly due to her teaching!”

Completed 200HR Teacher Training. 
Naomi is now a teacher at Renew Yoga and at the Athleta Corporate office in Petaluma. She runs a wood oven pizza business with her husband, Pizza Politano.

“Amy Wolff is an experienced, knowledgeable, kind, and powerful teacher. Her passion to teach and to practice yoga make the journey extraordinary. Amy doesn’t allow you to give up or doubt yourself and she pushes you beyond your comfort zone until you find your authentic voice, self, and your strength within. She will not allow you to give less than 100% and when you leave, you are a strong, powerful and knowledgable teacher. The 6 months in training was the most amazing and powerful time of my life.”

Completed 200HR Teacher Training. Baddoura works at Weight Watchers and has created a yoga class program for the Santa Rosa clientele. She also teaches part-time at a Petaluma yoga studio.

“Amy’s is an intuitive yoga teacher, able to read the energy of any group and immediately establish the appropriate pace and flow for the class. The flow of her classes is always amazing, as she is able to create long and complex sequences, repeat them on the opposite side and keep a balanced flow moving. Whether it’s the music she plays, her timing and sequencing or her adjustments, her expertise and passion is evident in every moment of every class.”

Practicing with Amy for over 7 years, she have never left a class anything but exhausted and elated.

“She is one of the most open hearted yoga teachers I know who provides a rich, safe environment for self exploration. Simultaneously, she is incredibly knowledgable about the body and alignment down to excruciating detail.”

Practicing yoga for 10+ years