Yesterday, as I was standing near the edge of the ocean when a SPOTTED MORAY EEL skimmed it’s way close amongst some shallow rocks just a foot in front of where I was standing. It was about 2ft long, thick, fluid, fast and looked almost scalloped on it’s edging as it swam along. Being spotted, it blended in so well to the rocks it was swimming amongst that I might not have noticed except for the movement it created in the water. I’ve never seen an eel in person, let alone up close and personal. It was graceful, quick and very snake meets fish-like in it’s appearance. I’ve probably never seen one before because of my deep respect (some might say fear) of the ocean. I love to look at it, dip in it and maybe an occasional swim when the water is clear but for the most part, I quite literally feel like a fish out of water when in it so my chances of coming across such a creature in my life have been slim to none. This made me pause and take note.

After my encounter I remembered that I read once how Elizabeth Gilbert has a New Year tradition of going out into nature and the first wild animal she comes into contact with will be her spirit animal, or totem, for the year. This intrigued me enough to spark some googling. There are some great sites and info on spirit animals and their meaning. I found one site that I really loved called “Whispers, Channels, Prophesy & Wisdom” by Quornesha S. She gives not only the mystic viewpoint of what your spirit animal may bring to you but also the angelic message and intuitive one as well. I am a sucker for angel cards, tarot, and basically anything mystical and magical. The idea that there are messages and signs all around us and we only need to train our senses and abilities to see, hear and notice them inspires me. I thought what she stated about my EEL sighting was intriguing:

The eel often appears when we are beginning a new adventure, meaning we have taken a leap + landed on new oceans. It is time to grow from the past, the old, what you have learned…
The eel is symbolic that something is coming to an end and you will be glad that it has. You have ran that course in your life. It is time for new ground and you are completely prepared to take on the road ahead.

Angelic Messages: Via; Clairsentience + Claircognizant + Clairvoyant abilities: Everything is coming to the surface and into alignment. You should applaud yourself for how far you have come in so little time. This is your victory + you should be happy for the life that will unfold for you. Stay clear on what you desire + continue to write them down (dreams) as a reminder of where you are going.

Intuitive Conclusion: Whatever lifestyle you think you deserve you are set to receive it, because the source that is supplying is abundant + open to you. Await the signs + continue to move ahead. Stay open, continue to envision your best life, it is unfolding now, Pat your own self on the back.

Do not be afraid of your own purpose + legacy, leave it behind, leave the world filled with your presence!

At the beginning of this new year, I invite you to step into nature and see what might cross your path. If it is out of the ordinary, it might be a sign you want to stop and notice.