“With an authentic mental, physical and emotional stable base one has the freedom to explore creatively and joyfully every day.”

Amy Wolff of Stable Yoga, in collaboration with Pamela Maldonado of Renew Yoga have joined forces to create Renew Yoga School, bringing 200hr teacher training programs and Continuing Education to the North Bay Area. Renew Yoga School is well respected institution in the yoga world and  turns out some of the Bay Area’s most sought out teachers. ALL trainings are registered and Yoga Alliance approved.

This unique 200 Hour Teacher Training occurs once every two years and is sold out months prior. If you are considering joining this transformative experience, reserve your spot early. Our program is designed to create confident, dynamic, authentic, loving and powerful teachers. We will coach you to teach confidently, anchored in your heart and powered by purpose. This transformative experience is part of the discovery of finding who you are and what you are meant to be. Trust us and the calling you have to teach, and we will take you to new places of discovery and freedom.

Upon graduation, our students maintain nourishing and lively relationships with each other and are teaching yoga! Amy and Pamela provide continued support by inviting all new teachers to join The Community Teaching Program which is now part of RENEW YOGA.

Our Continuing Education, Yoga Alliance approved teacher training workshops have been created as a beacon for north bay yoga teachers to continue fueling their passion and yoga education.




Our next training…

September 2021 – April 2022

This unique teacher training takes place over a period of six months at Renew Yoga studio in Petaluma, CA. It begins with an intensive week of training followed by six long weekends and culminates with a second intensive week and graduation. This journey into self discovery is an inspired collaboration by Amy Wolff and Pamela Maldonado who bring over 50 combined years of teaching and physical training experience. Having worked together for nearly 20 years, they are the perfect balance of yin and yang, support and encouragement, nurturing and empowerment.

Training is rooted in the Eight Limbs of Yoga, anchored to the Four Elements and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Then begins the flow into creativity, love and passion for growth, connection and expansion. Vinyasa means to flow without resistance. This training will assist in removing any blocks that may stand in your way of being your most authentic self as a teacher. You will leave having found your voice as a teacher, knowing “how to teach” and with a solid knowledge of the poses, their benefits and propose, and a desire to spread the love of yoga in the world.

Limit: This is a highly desirable training. To hold the integrity of the program we limit the students to 12. Applications will be reviewed in order of submission. In order to avoid being wait-listed, please submit your application early. Submission of application does not ensure acceptance.

Schedule and Hours: 180 Studio contact hours and 20 hours of home study.

The program begins with an intensive week of training:
Monday-Friday 9-4; Saturday 12-7; and Sunday 12-4
It concludes with another Monday-Friday 11-4; Saturday 12-6; and Sunday 1-3
One intensive weekend of training takes place in each of the five months between:
Friday 6:30-9:30; Saturday 11-7; and Sunday 12-4.
Community Class training hours take place January through March on Tuesday evenings from 7-9.


1. $500. Deposit Required
Non-refundable deposit, application fee and place-holder

2. $3500. Early-Bird Discount
If signed-up by July 1,2021

3. $3500. If paid-in-full at time of sign-up
Until August 1, 2021

4. $3800. If signed up after July 1, 2021
Payment plans available



These Yoga Alliance approved continuing education workshops have been created as a beacon for North Bay Yoga teachers to continue fueling their passion and yoga education. Trainings take place at RENEW YOGA, which is well known as the heart-center of yoga in Sonoma County and where a high level of integrity and excellence in teaching reside. Spearheaded by Amy Wolff, Renew Yoga School’s Director of Education and co-taught by a host of yoga professionals, you can be sure with Amy at the helm, that each module will be dynamic, interactive and you will walk way with the skills to transform your teaching.


TBD 2021

Dive deep into the power and psychology of touch and personal space. Learn the who, what, where, when, why and how of assisting. We will learn deeply about anatomy, safety, ethics and liability. Leave confident in your ability to connect with your students whether in the studio, gym or a yoga private

2021 TBD

Amy Wolff ERYT, Director of Education, Renew Yoga


 November 3-5  2017

Inspire and reinvigorate your teaching! You will walk away with tools and insights on to look at your class and how/why you are sequencing the way you do. This course is designed to inspire creative purpose and help you to transform your students bodies, minds & souls – and reawaken the teacher within you!

2021 TBD

Amy Wolff, ERYT 500, Director of Education, Renew Yoga

CEC Modules     

Choose only the modules that suit your interest and receive workshop completion and CECs for your Yoga Alliance continuing education requirements.