I love the app WAZE; it’s great! It’s a guide and a roadmap how to get where you need to go while meeting the lease amount of resistance. You type in where you are headed, then, people help one another out, share information and it becomes a journey that you all are on together.
I have talked a lot about my struggle with meditation and I was thinking today that I wish I had a WAZE app for mediation when I began. People sharing their resources and knowledge, a head’s up about what roadblocks might be ahead and even someone to tell me when I needed to slow down. So I have decided to share with you some of my favorite resources. Give them each a try and see what works for you. Set aside  time each day and start small. Maybe only 2 minutes to start and build it from there.

1. Headspace App  This app is very user friendly and a great way to get your feet wet through guided mediation

2. Chopra Center/Oprah – These two talented individuals lead a FREE 21 day meditation experience 4 times a year. I never miss one

3. Walking Meditation – This can be anywhere, focus on one thing each time; your steps, breath, the sounds of nature around you. Or walk a labyrinth – check out this one I walked in Bolinas, CA! Labyrinth Walk

4. Meditate Your Weight – This book by Tiffany Cruikshank really isn’t about weight at all but being mindful of your life.  I love her practice and user friendly approach.

5. When I am preparing to mediate often I find reading a small snippet of inspiration helps put me in the right state of mind.  I LOVE Rolf Gates book; Mediations from the Mat. It’s filled with daily doses of love, inspiration and reflection.

6. Mantras for Meditation – I think this article from Yoga Journal is terrific. Try them out and discover your favorite. Mine is SO HUM.

7. Location, location, location! Where you choose to sit matters.  Pick a peaceful place in your home or out in the world. Check out this simple quick 2 minute beach meditation with me!

8. How you sit can matter too! I love my mediation pillow by Zafu. I often just take a seat, set the timer on my iphone and take my focus from the crown of my head, one muscle at a time to the tips of toes and back to the heart.  That is really our destination anyway!

Happy mediating!